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Your first visit will begin with an interview and full consultation from a Certified Neurosomatic Specialist  to discover the history of your health issues and your goals for treatment. We encourage patients to bring in any MRIs, CAT scans, reports or any other tests that have been done previously and any treatments you’ve tried in the past. What makes Neurosomatic therapy different from other manual therapy techniques is the focus on your postural measurements. By carefully measuring and correcting the distortions in the body pain is greatly reduced or eliminated and functionality is restored.

We will begin by taking a thorough postural analysis of your body and movement patterns. Identifying improper structural and postural patterns allows us to identify the source of your pain and establish a plan how to properly treat it.

Once your thorough analysis is finished we will discuss any findings, the proper treatment plan for you and what to expect for future visits. A full treatment plan will then be constructed based on your body’s response to the first two sessions.

Treatment through manual therapy will begin during the first session to begin releasing any hypertonicity in the muscles.  By performing a thorough postural assessment and developing a personalized treatment plan you can see significant improvement after only 1-2 treatments with major improvements after in 8-10 treatments!

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