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Jibin John, LMT, CNT

The Beginning...

Growing up in America to immigrant parents from India, Jibin has always grown up with an emphasis on how powerful the human body is. The Indian culture has always emphasized the natural ways to relieve pain and illness in the body and finding the root of the problem. After many years of living a sedentary lifestyle to working out rigorously, it took a toll on Jibin’s body. Going to different health practitioners, trying different modalities of therapy and finding no relief was a constant battle.

Education and Training...

Finally he was pointed into the right direction, to a school called the Center for Neurosomatic Studies, which changed his life forever. Not only did he find relief from his pain, but he also wanted to share this new knowledge and therapy with other people. After finishing the 18-month course he is now a practicing Neurosomatic therapist sharing his knowledge across the south Florida area!

Continued Education and Experience...

Since Jibin came into NST with prior workout/strength training experience, he naturally found his niche within the Crossfit and group training workout community. Jibin had the opportunity to work with Strength Camp, a specialized training facility in St. Petersburg, FL where he was able to hone his craft on a wide variety of athletes there.  He has also had the pleasure to work with the top Crossfit athletes in the Tampa area, both individuals and team Crossfit Games competitors. Jibin has now found himself in beautiful Tampa, where he hopes to refine his knowledge and share the benefits of Neurosomatic.

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